Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Broken Promises:Lib Dems in need of some good PR

With all the political events of the past month, the Liberal Democrats have alienated a large majority of their supporters and are in need of some crisis management and some all around good PR.

This was the Lib Dems official campaign video released prior to the 2010 General Elections and was titled 'Say goodbye to broken promises'. At the time Nick Clegg seemed exactly what was needed; a charismatic and confident leader to rally supporters and convince the undecided.

After the formation of the Coalition Government, Clegg and the Lib Dems stood by their promise to fight any rise in tuition fees. But now all hope for the party has vanished, and the encouraging messages portrayed in the campaign video have been extinguished in a sea of irony and broken promises.

As a student and a supporter of the Liberal Democrats I was appalled to see the sudden U-turn in their point of view and change of values, as were thousands of other students all over the country. Clegg claimed that he had not previously understood the plight of the UKs economy to its full extent. If that’s the truth then why on earth had he been running for PM?

I’m not saying I will never vote Lib Dem again, but I will need a lot of convincing. If the Liberal Democrats want a future then Clegg must resign as leader and someone must step up to the plate to re-establish the party’s traditional values which attracted their supporters in the first place. They must once again distance themselves from the Conservatives, and now also from Clegg.

Are the Lib Dems finished as a political party, or is there still hope for them? All I know right now is that there is a dog flap on the back door of number 10 Downing Street, and it has Nick Clegg’s name hanging above it.
Saturday, 11 December 2010

It's who you know, not what you know

By the time I graduate in 2012, after 5 years at two different universities, studying two different courses, I will be 23 years old with about £30,000 worth of debt. So where exactly will this leave me? Will the fact that I’m slightly older than the other graduates competing for jobs make me more desirable to employers or will they prefer a younger model with more miles left on the clock?

Now that we are reaching the halfway point of our second year a lot of my PR coursemates are talking about their plans to do a Masters Degree to enhance their employability. Although this is something that really interests me, I could never realistically do it due to my age and already huge amounts of debt. However, there are still other options.

Next summer I will be undertaking a few weeks of work experience at London’s Premier PR. This is a really big company and I am immensely excited to make the most of this opportunity. I applied to countless London based agencies over the summer of this year and even managed to get an interview with Taylor Herring. I spent hours researching and preparing for that interview. I knew the history of the company and its clients, I could easily define PR and separate it from advertising and marketing. I started reading the newspapers and I had huge monologues prepared for why I wanted to work in PR and why Taylor Herring. I could have talked for hours about all of that stuff. In the end I travelled all the way up to London for a lacklustre interview which lasted less than 10 minutes. I was caught out with questions like ‘who’s your favourite journalist’ and ‘which PR companies do you follow on Twitter?’ They weren’t interested in any of the grade A material I had prepared. So I’m sure you can guess I didn’t get the position.

I felt pretty bad for the next few days, like I had wasted a great opportunity. But then I found out that my aunt works as a receptionist for Premier PR; one of London’s biggest PR agencies, with branches in LA! Before I knew it I had work experience sorted without even needing to go for an interview. In the PR industry it is definitely who you know and not what you know. Anyway, we are getting way off topic here.

I have found out that Premier PR often offers its work experience students a job after they have graduated (if they impressed during their time at the company of course). So I have found myself thinking which is more valuable; a Masters Degree in PR or a year of actual experience and a steady job? Surely it has to be the latter. Of course this is all purely circumstantial and there is no guarantee whatsoever that I will impress Premier PR enough for them to offer me a job.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t choose either of those options right now. I am only 21 and am determined to make the most of my life. There is so much I want to see and do before I am tied down by jobs and families. When I graduate I want to save up some money and travel a much of the world as possible. The job can wait until after that.

You never know, I might impress Premier PR so much that they offer me a job when I get back from it all. I can dream, cant I?

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